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Msumarini is a small village on the north coast of Kenya, East Africa. The population of the village has grown considerably in the last 20 years with the arrival of tourism in the region. In November 2002 Al Qaeda operatives conducted a suicide attack at the nearby Paradise Hotel killing eleven Kenyans, three tourists and over eighty people were injured. The hotel closed and the subsequent drop in tourism significantly adversely impacted the community.

The Msumarini Welfare Group Trust is a Kenyan charity established by the Cunningham Family in 2004. Its main purpose is to provide health services and education for the people of Msumarini and the community affected by the suicide bombing.  After the Trust was formed, funds were raised, land was purchased and the clinic was built. No comparable services existed near the village before this clinic was built, it was a much needed facility for this community.

The Cunningham Family had a home in the village for 30 years and know the community and its people very well. After the bombing they wanted to help the village recover from this terrible attack and rebuild the lives of the local people. The village leaders are the driving force behind the Trust and its developments, which are totally based on the needs of the people.


2016 – Official opening of the new Maternity facility. The ceremony was attended by over 200 people from the community and officially opened by the Hon Racheal Musyoki Department of Health, Kilifi County.

2014 – Construction started on the new maternity facility.

2009 – The Msumarini Welfare Fund was established at CAF America to enable tax-deductible donations to be made in the US.

2007 – The official opening ceremony took place on January 4th 2007. A large crowd gathered by the clinic, including many sponsors of the Msumarini facility. Also in attendance was the Hon. Joe Hamisi, the Member of Parliament for Bahari (Kilifi), who gave a speech, planted a tree, cut the ribbon and declared the clinic open. The onlookers were treated to a performance by a local song, dance and acrobatic groups. The clinic was officially registered with the Governments Ministry of Health in March 2007.

2004 – The Msumarini Welfare Trust was established. After the Trust was established, a piece of land was sourced near the village where the Msumarini clinic facility was built . The villagers took part in the construction process by preparing the land for the foundations. Construction took nearly two years.  The Msumarini clinic includes a main building, staff accomdation, bathroom facilities. A new maternity facility was recently completed and opened in August 2016.

2002 – Bombing of Paradise Hotel. 10 Africans were killed. The hotel closed and so many lost their jobs which affected the majority of the village population. Everyone had a family in the hotel business, from housekeeping, waiters, cooks, fishermen and tour guides. The economic growth they had experienced since the arrival of the hotel only a few years earlier had changed forever.


Many people have been involved in the  Msumarini Welfare Group Trust, from its initial establishment to the day to day operations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank some of them:

Dr Geoffrey Cunningham
Dr Jeff Dorfman
Richard Cunningham
Moses Msobo
Wendy White
Shirley Patterson
Singari Ngala
Jilani Mongo Mad-zayo
Evans Makane
Mazia and Ms. Magdalena Mwakiki
Brian Lees
Hon Rachael Musyoki (Department of Health, Kilifi County)
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Thank you also to our donors who make this all possible.
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